Friday, January 18, 2013

Polar bear plunge

Can you think of anything you would rather do on the first week of February than jump into the Mississippi River? Neither can I!
My golf team at Rhodes is participating in the Memphis Polar Bear Plunge next month to raise money for Special Olympics. We are really excited to support this event...and show how tough we golfers really are!
My fundraising goal is $50 - that's only $10 a piece if 5 people donate! But a donation of any amount is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your support :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Decorating small spaces: part 1

Anyone who has lived on a college campus can understand the frustrations of trying to personalize a small, whitewashed dorm room. Unfortunately, a lot of first apartments aren't much of an improvement. With limited wall space, little storage space, and the inability to add any sort of paint color to the wall, it can seem tough to make a small room feel personalized. I'm no expert on decorating, and my decor is always changing or being added to, but here are some things that have worked for me the past two years.

Freshman year:

Sophomore year:

As I said, things are constantly being rearranged. That second picture is from move-in, so I have added a lot more decoration since then. I don't have a full room picture of that yet, but I'll highlight some of my favorite things that have been added later.

Tip #1:
Start with the bedding. Your bedspread is the most prominent thing in the room, and everything else can be easily coordinated to that. This is the focal point of all your decorations and sets the mood and color scheme for basically everything else.

My bedding is this gorgeous Amy Butler pattern, which I actually found at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I adore Amy Butler fabrics and couldn't believe that she made dorm bedding!
I love the color palate and the cheerful flowers. You want your room to be some place you enjoy coming back to, so pick bedding that makes you happy!

Little Christmas gifts

While shopping around for gift basket supplies for my Big's 21st Birthday present, I ran into a bunch of 50-75% off after Christmas sales. So, why not pick up a little something for my (7) roommates?

I put together some fun krazy-straw cups and little decorated gingerbread cookies on a stick (I know, I know, store-bought baked goods right after making my own. But these were just so cute).

All packed up and ready to take back to school

Friday, January 4, 2013

Sugar Coma

My mom and I are in charge of baking for her family's Christmas Eve get-together every year, which means supplying desserts to about 40 sweets-loving relatives. There are a couple traditional favorites that make their appearance year after year, but we often like to add some new recipe to try.
Peanut butter balls (basically buckeyes) are everyone's favorite...and what make it "Christmas" every year for me. In fact, I used my "favorite child home for the holidays" influence to suggest a pre-Christmas batch be allowed for personal consumption. Hello Dolly bars are another staple.
This year we also tried the very popular Oreo Balls. Big. Hit. But I most enjoyed making gingerbread. My mom's good friend, who is an avid baker, gave me a cookie mold pan to which I attribute a great deal of my cookies' success. After two hours and a very sore frosting-arm, I ended up with these beauties!

And the oreo balls, with some festive sprinkles

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A busy semester means little crafting (I had to leave my sewing machine at home WAHHH). Many apologies for absolutely nothing crafty at all lately. However, I ought to post something on here to prove that I am indeed still alive, until I can get home for winter break and once again get crafty.
SO this post is...things that make me happy lately! (Yay for lists!)

1. Rhodes College decorated for Christmas (one of the perks of going to a denominational school...or any school in the South for that matter)
2. Diet Peach Snapple (my fuel for finals)
3. Soy Chai Lattes (an infrequent treat now that I am out of Lynx Bucks...)
4. The bonfire smell that somehow pervades all of campus in the morning
5. Leaf blowers who stand beneath my window early in the morning (just kidding, I really hate them)
6. Masquerade balls!
7. Finals stress that makes me overheat to the point where I don't have to wear a coat outside in the middle of November - true story.
8. Professors who let you in their already-full course that you really need for your major. Thank you, Professor Gramm!
9. Cowboy boots I've been rocking for a straight month
10. Having a combined birthday celebration when we realized that all four girls in my Tri Delt family are 20 at the same time. (GAH, I'm old!!)
11. All the campus organizations have free food on the same night
12. Weird things that get sent in golf team group text messages
13. Submitting my interest form for officer slating
14. Getting to know my roommates better and really enjoying spending time with them
15. My best friend who sends me random happy text messages (HI NICOLE!)

Ok, back to studying. Happy Fall!

Monday, November 5, 2012


Chiffon Shifty is on Bloglovin'

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

This is an awesome way to get updates if you follow a lot of different blogs. I just started using it myself to keep up with some of my favorite craft blogs :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ole! It's Halloween

I can't take it any longer...time to debut the costume! Well, actually it debuted Thursday evening at the Pike Costume Party, which was the official start of my Halloweekend :)

I'm a pinata!

This costume was really easy to make, though it was time-intensive. I
t's basically a matter of hot gluing crepe paper streamers to a long tank top, but all the cutting, fringing and gluing was done over a couple hours a day for about three days. A nice, long study break!